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8 Emojis We All Want to See

Apple’s most recent iOS update included adding one thing iPhone users love the most: emojis. With the addition of over 184 new emojis, we are all left with plenty of new faces, objects and animals to send in our next texts. Now that we have the taco and upside down smiley face, it’s hard to imagine needing anything extra. However, I find myself wishing for more because somehow there are still some emojis that the folks at Apple forgot to include.

1. Giraffe

Almost every animal you can imagine has their own iPhone emoji, including nine different cat faces, but not giraffes? That’s just not fair.

2. Black Heart 

A black heart emoji screams dark and mysterious. A black heart emoji only makes sense. After all, black goes with everything.

3. Fingers Crossed & Pinky Promise 

Thumb up. Thumb down. Point left. Point right. Peace sign. Rock on. But how are we supposed to make legitimate promises and send best wishes through text if there are no pinky promise and fingers crossed emojis?

4. Face Palm

For when you read something and you immediately begin shaking your head.

5. Smiley Face Crying 

Just because you’re happy doesn’t mean you can’t cry? Haven’t they ever heard of happy tears?

6. Feet 

Basically, you can choose from any limb or a variety of hands, yet there are no feet emojis. What’s up with that?

7. Cupcake

There are a quite a few dessert options to choose from when scrolling through the food section on your phone, including two different kinds of cake. Why not a cupcake, too?

8. A Redhead 

Ever since Apple made it possible to represent different ethnicities and hair colors through emojis (which is awesome for many reasons, by the way), I’ve wondered why there wasn’t a redhead. How’s a girl supposed to caption her Instagram picture with her redheaded best friend without the proper emoji?

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