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7 Stages of Winter Break, As Told By Disney GIFs


Stage 1 – Celebration


You finish your last final and you feel like a champ.


So you pack up your bags and head home, excited for a break from school and time with family.



And you can’t wait to do all the things you didn’t have time for at school


Or not…..


Stage 2 – Hibernation


But first you just want to sleep for several days 


And really, you deserve if after finals week



But of course you family won’t allow that, and they take their life into their own hands and wake you up



Stage 3 – Socialization 


You’re back in your hometown, where a trip to Walmart could mean running into 10 people you haven’t seen in 6 months, so you have to look your best.


And you have time to catch up with your high school friends, which is a nice reunion





Stage 5 – Holiday Feasting


It’s the holidays, which means your house will be filled with cookies, candy, cakes, and, of course, all the real food you’ve missed so dearly during the semester.



And you aren’t about to let the opportunity to munch on all your favorites during family movie night go to waste.


Plus, Christmas means time with long-lost family. Nothing could be better than time with those you love.



Stage 6-  Post-Christmas Depression


At first, the weather seemed very festive and fun……

And the holidays were great, but now you’re kind of over all the snow and ice



And it’s getting a little tiresome answering all the same questions about school and what you are doing with your future.




And, now that the holidays are over, it’s time for all those appointments you’ve been putting off all semester.




Stage 7 –  Time To Head Back!


It’s been a great month, but you desperately miss your college friends



And, you’re starting to run out of things to do or people to see




So while it’s hard to leave your family at home,



you know you’re friends will be just as excitied to see you when you come back to campus! 



You’ll return ready and raring to go for the spring semester!



Happy Winter Break Collegiettes! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

A public relations major with a passion for social media, the arts, and all things Disney, writer Corinne Weaver hopes to bring some Her Campus flare to WVWC. Weaver performs with the WVWC Theatre and Dance department, is a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, and interned at the National Aquarium in the Summer of '14! This Co-Editor-In-Chief will always love her close-knit hometown of Oakland, Maryland, but looks forward to opportunities to branch out in the future. Follow her @CorinneWeaver4 on Twitter and Instagram!
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