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5 Places Guaranteed to Help You Get Your Focus On

As we all know, finding a quiet place to do homework on campus isn’t always possible. Sometimes you just want to get your work or studying done without any interruptions. Between noisy neighbors, your roommate’s obnoxious friends and the temptation of your cell phone, staying productive is usually much easier said than done. Here are five locations for a quiet work/study time:

1. Your school’s local park.

Some schools may have a riverside path, a local park or just a bench beneath a tree or two. Working outside can be very beneficial. Studies show that working/studying outside can promote better attitudes toward the environment as well as boost grades, health and motivation. Rustling leaves and a sunny day make for a wonderful work atmosphere. Bring a cozy blanket or towel and head outdoors!

2. Your school’s library.

Obviously, this is the first place you want to check out. Some campuses offer separate floors or rooms that allow no talking, and if you need a solid quiet time for studying, this is the place to go. You can bring study groups for projects, then head to the quiet floor to study for that test the next day.

3. An empty classroom.

It might be an option on your campus to find an unused classroom to work in. If a class isn’t scheduled in a room during a certain time and is unlocked, you might be able to hang out there for a while. Or if there isn’t a class after yours, just stay after class.

4. Church

Yes, even in this day and age, some dorms do not have air-conditioning. Opening a window isn’t always enough, and this might make you desperate to seek out a cool place to study. If your school is affiliated with, or has a church on site, the large lofty space offers refuge as a cool space and away from frequent noise.

5. Dining hall or school coffee shop

Sometimes it’s not so much the noise as it is everything else interrupting you. Finding a corner or the back of the dining hall might sound too introverted for you, but the background noise without interruption—and maybe even a cup of coffee and a sandwich—can help you stay motivated and productive.

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