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5 Fun Ways to Start Anew

We’re about 2 weeks out from graduation, and it’s time to start thinking about the future.

You’re starting a new chapter, and it’s a perfect time to make a change you’ve always wanted, but didn’t have the time (or guts).


*Not graduating quite yet? No worries, we’ve added some ways (in Italics) that you can jumpstart your summer with a new persepctive!*


Here are 5 FUN ways to mark the next chapter if your life!



1. Change Something about Your Appearance

Get a new hairstyle, try something different with your make up, or change up your tired style. Graduation is an excellent time to reinvent yourself, because you will be going somewhere completely new where you can start fresh. 


A summer of vacations ahead? No one wants to put up with all that long, tangled hair at the beach. Make a chop and enjoy a new look for summer. Don’t worry, it will grow out a few inches before you return in the fall!




2. Actually Schedule Workouts into your Day-

In the “real world” that we are always hearing about most people have regular schedules throughout their work week, so while you are planning the rest of your life, throw in an hour a few times a week for a workout. Your body and mind will thank you!


Summertime = free time. Take advantage of those extra hours, and the gorgous weather, and pick up a game of soccer or frisbee with those high-school friends you haven’t seen in a while. If you get into a habit of making time for fitness now, it will be easier when you head back to Buckhannon in the fall!




3. Plan Meals Ahead

When college is over you (should) get to live a “normal” life again. That means sleeping regular hours, having an actual work day and eating meals at the right times of day. This will allow you to plan your meals so you can always know you are eating healthy instead of eating whatever you can grab before class or at 3 a.m. once you finished your homework.


Summertime can mean crazy sleep schedules and splurging on junk food. But, take advantage of seasonal fruit and healthy picnic foods while they’re fresh and try to keep 3 meals a day in your diet!




4. Clean out the Old

The transition from college to a new place in life is a great time to clean out your more adolescent clothes, belongings, old makeup, and all of those papers you kept in case they told you that you couldn’t graduate because they lost something.

You should keep the big projects from your major though – never know when they might come in handy for a portfolio or writing sample!


You may not be moving out yet, but you will one day. Take a day to go through those boxes of high school momentos and trophies, and decide what stays and what goes. Your future self will thank you for the jumpstart!




5. Take Time to Organize

A new lifestyle, after living the college life for four years, is going to be hard to get used to, but taking time to organize your time, stuff, and new obligations will help.

Make a book with all of your vital information – online passwords, billing information, passports, etc. – and get a fireproof box to put them in. Keep a phone calendar with payment schedules and important dates, and find ways to organize your new place so that it doesn’t become college dorm room part 2.


Remember when you said you would totally go through your dorm stuff and reorganize after you brought it home for the summer? Yeah….right.

Take a hour or two to put things in a better order, because come August you are defintely going to dread opening that box. It will be nice to have it all ready to pack in the car and head for your Home Among the Hills.



Congratulations to the upcoming graduates!


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