4 Winter Break Wardrobe Essentials

The semester is almost over and it’s time to go home for the holidays. But while you may already be dreaming of mistletoe and sugarplums, it’s imperative you don’t forget to pack or pick up these winter break wardrobe essentials.

1. A Holiday Outfit

It’s very likely that you will be attending one or two Christmas parties or get-togethers over your break. You may even have a Christmas Eve/Day event with your family and it’s always a treat to look good for the relatives. So be sure to pack a nice outfit that makes you look good and feel great about yourself! You can go for sparkle, holiday colors or anything that helps you feel ready to celebrate. P.S. When in doubt, don’t go for super tight clothes. Go for comfort and fit, so you’ll never feel guilty about having that extra Christmas cookie.

2. A Holiday Sweater

Got any ugly sweater parties to attend? A social event that you want to stand out in? Maybe a Christmas card photo? If so, you can’t go wrong with a Christmas sweater. Whether you like bright colors, funny sayings, character themes or the classic reindeer, Christmas sweaters come in so many varieties that they are perfect for expressing yourself this holiday season.

3. Outerwear

Don’t forget to pack your winter outerwear this break. With the weather getting colder and colder, you can’t be without a good jacket and a sturdy pair of boots. Also, don’t neglect your hands and neck. Have fun with different colored scarves and gloves/mittens. Your internal temperature will thank you.

4. Favorite Pajamas

The best part about winter break is your relaxing time. Nothing says “home for the holidays” like snuggling up in your favorite comfy pajamas. So slip on your favorites, add some fuzzy socks or slippers, grab a warm beverage, and sit down to a good Christmas movie.

Here’s to you and yours this holiday season!

Stay classy, ladies!

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