4 Underrated Countries that you NEED to Visit

Around this time of year, everyone is itching to flee the country for someplace tropical and warm or rustic and beautiful. Flights are cheaper, and the urge is more pressing to hop on a plane and say “adios” to your hometown. Thankfully, this list is here to help you choose your favorite destination that escapes the hustle and bustle of tourists and lets you relax on your getaway.


1. Croatia 

Croatia is home to some beautiful views that are not always exposed to the public. This eastern European country has more to offer that you may think, like the Pula Arena that was used in the early 1st century for gladiator fights for the Romans, Hvar Island, that prides itself on the vast lavender fields and harbor filled with yachts, and the city of Split, where it houses ancient Roman ruins and offers a rich cultural experience.

1.      Czech Republic

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe has to be that of the Czech Republic. Prague, its capital, is home to amazing architecture, rolling hills, and cobblestone streets. It seems that on every corner there is something to amaze you, like the tall, detailed cathedrals and castles to the rich diversity of the people. This place is something you don’t want to miss!

3. Mozambique

The next flight you’re taking should be a one-way ticket to the southern African nation of Mozambique! Erase any previous thought that you have had about this place and let me tell you why this should be your next destination! Mozambique has crystal blue warm waters with vibrant corals and to-die-for sunsets. At the Quirimbas Archipelago, you can fulfill your dream of swinging in the middle of the ocean while also squeezing in a safari later in the evening. There’s absolutely something for everyone, so don’t wait to take this trip!

4. Laos

This southeastern Asian country will blow you away with the amazing landscape and the intricate temples that scatter the land. If you get the chance to visit Laos, be sure to stop by the Vientiane, the Pha That Luang temple that stands as a symbol of the nation and is the most sacred monument in Laos. This temple is coated in gold leaf and stands at about 148 feet tall; this is definitely a sight to see! Not only does the That Luang drop jaws, the Buddha Park is a famous park with over 200 religious statues dotted throughout. The simple greenery gives the feeling of a tropical oasis that will make you not want to leave!


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