3 Inspirational Makeup Artists You Need in Your Life

As an amateur makeup artist, I spend ample amounts of free time watching other makeup artists on YouTube, whether it be makeup hauls, tutorials with palettes I own, or even just listening to artists talk about products they love and hate.  Seeking inspiration from other people in this field that I’m so passionate about helps me see what is trending and how styles are constantly changing.  I wanted to share with my lovely collegiettes the artists who inspire me most.  Whether you’re a fellow guru or just love to play around with your look sometimes, you should consider checking some of these folks out! In no particular order, here are some of my favorite makeup artists:

1. Manny Gutierrez 


From his straight-up sass to his impeccable techniques with cosmetics, Manny has stolen my heart recently.  He uploads a variety of tutorials, collaborations and even the occasional funny video. No matter what he posts, one thing is guaranteed: all of his videos are so much fun to watch!  

2. Andrea Matillano 


Always bright and bubbly, Andrea is a phenomenal makeup reviewer who does a lot of unboxing and swatch reviews.  My favorite part about her videos is that she talks about a lot of affordable makeup brands versus focusing on the expensive stuff that is hard for college gals like us to afford. 

3. Mirella Belle 


This girl is so perfect she can pull off purple hair… hello, jealous! In all seriousness, though, she makes fantastic tutorials and reviews and looks great doing so. Definitely check her out if you’re wanting to see what is new and upcoming. Mirella is always on-point with what is trending!

Check these artists out if you’re wanting to try new looks or are considering new products! Stay fierce, ladies!