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15 Non-Offensive Post-Election Thoughts from a Girl Who’s Just Trying to Avoid Social Media

1. Half of Facebook is rejoicing; the other half is walking around like it’s the beginning of a dystopian novel. I’m looking at pictures of dogs dressed as people on Pinterest.

2. I wonder what Bernie’s doing right now…

3. *listens to Lady Gaga’s Joanne on repeat until I forget this is happening*

4. How many emotional support animals can I get before it’s considered excessive?

5. I definitely have an opinion on this, but I’m also not alive to spread negativity.

6. I’m way too moderate for this shit.

7. Good vibes good vibes good vibes good vibes…

8. Oooh, are there some pizza rolls left?

9. Why doesn’t the Buckhannon Sheetz have a drive-thru?

10. Why can’t y’all just get along?

11. Three cheers for the first openly LGBTQ governor, though. Yay, Oregon!

12. I wanna take a nap.

13. Wow, I love Her Campus.

14. I want a puppy.

15. BE NICE. 

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