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Your Guide To Thrifting For Fall Semester

September is almost over, and that means that fall is getting closer and temperatures are about to drop depending on where you live. This is the best time, and possibly your last chance, to get fall clothing at the thrift store before it is gone. By the time cool weather rolls around, all of the good finds have already found a new home. So it is best to build your fall closet while it is still a bit warm out.


This is obviously a no brainer, but knowing where to look in a thrift store is essential for building the perfect fall wardrobe. When looking for sweaters, I suggest going straight to the men’s section. The men’s section is ideal for finding oversized sweaters to pair with a nice pair of jeans and chunky boots or dad shoes. Sweater vests are also very common to find in the men’s section; these are great for layering with long sleeve shirts. Sweater vests are also a good transition piece between summer and fall when it’s not too hot, but not too cold either. Lastly, cardigans are always a staple for fall weather, and I typically search the women’s section for these.




Denim is not limited to your favorite pair of jeans that you wear year-round. Overalls, denim jackets and jean skirts are versatile pieces you can add to your closet for both warm and cool weather. Nothing beats the feeling of a worn-in vintage denim jacket. Again, this is something to search for in the men’s and women’s sections of a thrift store. With overalls becoming increasingly popular, it’s difficult to find a brand new pair that doesn’t cost a pretty penny. Even though they are difficult to come across at a thrift store, they are a gem to find at a reasonable price. Overalls or overall dresses are perfect for layering because it is easy to add a sweater, sweatshirt or a light long sleeve top underneath. Denim skirts are also great staples that are typically abundant in thrift stores and they’re great for wearing with tights and a top tucked in.



Printed bottoms look great paired with a chunky sweater or a turtle neck, but it can be intimidating trying to find them at a thrift store. I’ve found my favorites in the suit section, and almost never think to look there because they can’t see themselves wearing a matching suit. There are so many ways you can put a suit to use as separate pieces. The easiest thing to do is to simply just wear the pieces separately as they are, but there are many ways you can flip your thrifts. YouTubers like bestdressed and Alexa Sunshine83 take pieces that they don’t necessarily like the way that the are and tailor them to their liking. Printed tops in muted tones are also great essentials for the fall season.


Thrifting is not only great for the environment, but it is fun too! It’s so exciting to find a cute and versatile piece at a reasonable price. Check out your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or yard sales for a new wardrobe. If these aren’t places near your home, Poshmark, ThredUp and Facebook marketplaces are also places you should think about searching online. The most important thing to keep in mind while thrifting is that you are not going to find what you’re looking for every single trip, so patience is key.  

Edited by Madison Greer

Madisen is a sophomore honors student at West Virginia University. She is pursuing a degree in Medical Laboratory Science with a minor in Communication Studies. Upon completing her degree, Madisen hopes to be accepted to physician's assistant school to continue her education. Madisen strives to be diverse in everything she does by delving into writing, science, photography, and painting. Being so diverse has allowed her to find the beauty in many aspects of life!
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