Your First College May Not Be The Right College For You And That's OKAY

Applying to schools and deciding where to spend 4+ years of your life can be very stressful. A lot of people after the first year decide college isn’t for them or that they believe a different school will be a better fit. I personally have experienced this. I went to Radford University my freshman year before doing a lot of self-reflection and realizing it wasn’t the school for me. I thought since I have a more introverted personality that a smaller school would be best for me, but I quickly realized that wasn’t true for me. I saw myself thriving at a bigger school because of all the different opportunities to meet new people and get involved. I still wanted to get a higher education and experience all college had to offer. I had some friends who went to West Virginia University and I could feel that it was the right place for me, and I was right! It wasn’t easy transferring schools, but putting in all the work to achieve this goal made me grow as a person. I was feeling discouraged when my first college didn’t work out for me but once I found my true home at West Virginia University, I feel like I found myself again. I learned that it is OKAY that your first school wasn’t the right match for you, but there is a school or path out there for you.



Edited by Katie Carnefix