You Are 20

Your boyfriend of a year dumped you. You didn’t get the internship you poured your heart into applying for. You don’t know if your major is for you. You question where the hell you’ll work in a year, if you’ll have a job when you graduate and if you have enough money to get dinner. Sigh.


Guess what.

You are 20.

Life sucks, I know. It’s not fair sometimes. When it rains, it pours. You feel like you’re stuck in this storm and it won’t move past you. You’re stuck, soaking wet and feeling pathetic. Everyone’s watching. Everyone’s happy. And you’re not. You don’t have control and it sucks.

But you’re so damn young. You are two decades old. You haven’t lived your selfish years yet. You haven’t experienced living on your own – fully. You are barely even developed into who you are meant to be. It’s just the beginning.

So, toughen up. Worse things will happen. But, momma did not raise a quitter, did she?

It is hard to trust, but things will work out. You are meant to go through this time to grow a backbone and become stronger. That guy you lost will become a stranger overtime and he will miss you. That internship will come and go, but better opportunities will come. Your major may not be for you, and that’s okay. You’ll find a job. You’ll end up where you’re meant to be.

Hold on to the hope that things will be so incredibly amazing one day that you’ll laugh at how you’re feeling now. You will look back and wish you could tell yourself “I told you so.”

You are 20. You haven’t danced on tabletops in the bar in Soho. You haven’t stayed out all night until the sunrise in a foreign country. You haven’t fully depended on yourself for everything. You haven’t lived nearly as much as you think you have.

Do not let this boy make you cold. Do not let this missed chance turn into a lifetime of disappointment. It’s a bad phase. Not a bad life.

You are 20. You are young. Be young.