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Why we love West Virginia in the Spring

Spring break is over and there’s a little over a month left in school. Most students, from mostly mediocre schools, use all 140 characters to tweet the basic message that summer needs to get here. Most of these students don’t have a West Virginia spring. These students haven’t endured the bitterness of a polar vortex or have the anxiety of leaving Morgantown, these students haven’t experienced West Virginia in the spring time.

One of the many reasons to love Morgantown in the spring is the Mountain Lair Green. The first day of sunshine includes frisbees, girls in Ray Bans and puppies! It’s always an unspoken competition between girls for who owns the cutest puppy; and a perfect opportunity for a social awkward guy to finally talk to a girl all because she wants to play (with his dog.)

Another reason is the Domain finally becomes cool. The residents way out there have waited all year for this time, and with a winter like this it’s going to be better than ever. I always question why people live at the Domain, but when the pool is open you escape “Morganhole” and enter a resort. So find a friend who you haven’t seen in a year because they live all the way in nowhere, and lather up in tanning oil!

Next is Blue Hole. A hidden gem in the middle of the West Virginia hills. Find a truck, grab a cooler, and enjoy nature. With gorgeous lush trees, and a semi-non contaminated river, it’s a great spot to start off summer. The scene alone makes John Denver’s lyrics “Almost Heaven, West Virginia”, completely true. 

Finally, day drinking. Soon enough you’ll be regretting scheduling a 2:30 class, and soon you’ll pretend like you’re not even enrolled in it. When the houses on frat row have music playing loud enough so it is echoing through campus and you are on your way to class,  I would congratulate you if you kept on walking. But at WVU you know you’re more than welcome (and encouraged) to join in for a cold beer, a little bit of sunshine, and a long day ahead of you.


I’ve always been a true believer, the colder the winter, the crazier the spring. So my fellow Mountaineers, we have had a pretty cold winter and now I am looking forward to a true Morgantown spring. 


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