Why girl power is my favorite #CollegeFashionWeek trend

In case you missed it, Her Campus at WVU went to Boston, Massachusetts, for College Fashion Week hosted by Her Campus nationals.

While the weekend was full of eventful sightseeing and Her Campus fun, the highlight was, of course, the actual College Fashion Week event on Saturday, Oct. 13. Vendors and sponsors were there to empower and showcase all of the great things about fashion, beauty and college women, it was like something from a dream.

Throughout the night there were three different shows that showcased this season’s fall trends; Modern Nomad, Printed Paradise and Power Pose. Modern Nomad and Printed Paradise both had some really beautiful clothing and trends on display, however my favorite was Power Pose.

Power Pose was a show dedicated to female empowerment and how powerful college women are. The show featured bright designs and graphic t-shirts that displayed empowering, feminist phrases. While I loved the graphic tees and slogans that went straight to my feminist heart, I really loved the message of this show the most.

I felt as though this show really helped break the stigma that Her Campus is more “fluff” than substance. We are moving on beyond just style and fashion and into politics and “real issues." At the end of the day, Her Campus was created as an outlet for young women to share their voices and I think this particular show helped demonstrate that we are a multifaceted organization.

I hope that this helps inspire more people to be open about what they think is truly valuable. A fashion show that went beyond words on a shirt, it was a performance that proved we are allies and fighters. Power Pose showed that we are so much more than a stereotypical women’s magazine, and that college women really are much more powerful than anyone realizes.

For a full video from the fashion show, visit @HerCampusWVU on Twitter.