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Whitney Godwin – Recruitment Specialist for the Reed College of Media

Whitney Godwin is a recruitment specialist and outreach coordinator for WVU Reed College of Media. She is from Flatwoods, WV. Whitney served as a Twirler with the WVU Band. Whitney has done great things for the Reed College. Everyone knows she will further her success as the years go on.

How did it come about for you to be the WVU Reed College of Media recruiter? I don’t think anyone really plans to work in higher education when they come to college, but as a Graduate Assistant for the WVU Reed College of Media television journalism program, I learned that I had an absolute love and passion for students at this level. So when I graduated with my MSJ degree, I knew I wanted to somehow pursue a career in higher education. In July after graduation, I saw that the college had posted this job, and I thought, it’s not really where I ever saw myself, but I love working with people and helping students so I’ll apply. I went through the interview process and was hired shortly after. So far, it’s been the applying has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I absolutely love my job.

What does your job consist of? My job consists of a lot of things. Primarily, I travel to high school journalism programs, college fairs, and other events to meet with prospective students and talk to them about Media Careers and opportunities at WVU. I also communicate with them on a regular basis whether that’s via email, social media, or phone to help them navigate the coming to college process, answer questions, etc. I also give them tours of the College of Media when they visit campus and host webinars to answer questions. I’m also in charge of our Reed College of Media Student Ambassador program here at the College of Media. I work with our current students to help showcase the student experience and pair incoming freshman with upperclassmen so they feel comfortable when they get here, etc. I do a lot of random things too. Sometimes I bake cookies to boost morale or just talk with students when they have questions/concerns. I do a little bit of everything.

What is your favorite part of recruiting? My favorite part is the relationships I get to build and watching students consider WVU, make the choice to come here, and then watch them succeed through the program and even once they get into the market. It is the coolest experience to watch a student grow both personally and professionally and achieve their dreams. Building a relationship with my incoming students is one of my favorite things. I love to learn more about them and their interests so we can help get them connected and plugged in once they get on campus. 

Can you give your best advice to current WVU students to help recruit friends and family to attend WVU? Or evening joining the Reed College of Media? My best advice is that you want the person you’re speaking to to make the best decision for them. Not everyone is meant for a certain college or major. Encourage students to visit all of the places they’re considering and to ask questions. That being said, I obviously would love to see everyone come to WVU. It’s a great University with endless opportunities. The coolest thing is the atmosphere here. It’s unlike any other place I’ve ever visited. The small family atmosphere within a large university is really what makes this place so special. The passion of students and faculty is unmatched here. As far as the Reed College of Media goes, it’s really at the forefront of innovation right now. With flexible majors, and new technology, our students leave well-prepared for the industry. The faculty and staff genuinely care about each student that walks through the door and I think that’s something you don’t find a lot in other places. The classes are hands-on and small which really helps students succeed and build strong portfolios for internships and potentially jobs. 

What are the perks of being an alumini on campus? There are so many perks to being an alumni on campus. For one, I don’t have that aching feeling like I’m missing home (sorry to my friends and fellow grads that do—I can’t imagine how hard it is). I truly fell in love with Morgantown and West Virginia University, now that I’ve been an alumni for three years, I can’t really fathom leaving it. Second, the network of people I’ve created at the University and in Morgantown. I spent 5 years as a WVU Feature twirler for the Pride of West Virginia. I worked in WVU athletics for the video board, was a producer for WVU News, did an internship in video with NIOSH, among many other things. Through my 6 years in undergrad and grad school, I built a network of people I absolutely loved in both the university community and the community of Morgantown—friends, mentors, professors, etc. Still being able to see these people, collaborate with them, and even just grab coffee with them means the world to me. It feels nice to be established in a location and know you have people on your team willing to help. It’s also just awesome to watch students have a similar experience to the one I have—it’s awesome to watch them fall in love with this campus and build friendships that will last forever. It’s really the best job. 

Madelynn is a junior at West Virginia University. She is majoring in strategic communication with an emphasis in public relations. Madelynn plans on working for a non-profit organization after graduation. She is involved in Her Campus, Omega Phi Alpha, Ed On Campus, Active Minds, & WVU Student Events Board. Madelynn is passionate about community service and helping others. 
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