Where to Live Based on Your Zodiac Sign

ARIES- Las Vegas, Nevada

Photo by Mike Boening

Aries are known to be the life of the party, so what better place than Las Vegas! Aries crave excitement and adventure. With Las Vegas’s amazing night life, it’s unlikely an Aries will get bored in this city.


TAURUS- Seattle, Washington

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar

Taurus are a hard-working and stubborn sign. They are dependable and trustworthy. Seattle would bring out all of the good qualities that a Taurus naturally have. They crave comfort and that’s exactly what Seattle would bring.


GEMINI- Chicago, Illinois

Photo by Erol Ahmed

Geminis can either be introverted or extroverted, but are typically known as social and fun. They’re known for having “dual” personalities. They need a very versatile city to live in like Chicago. In Chicago, Geminis will be able to be social or stay in and relax.


CANCER- Paris, France

Photo by John Towner

Cancers are known to be gentle and kind. They are very emotional signs, which makes them hopeless romantics, so naturally they would gravitate to the “City of Love.” Paris, France is one of the most romantic places on Earth. Cancers would fit in perfectly.


LEO- Boston, Massachusetts

Photo by Tilly Greenhow

Leos are typically known to be fearless and bold, but they are also very kind, loyal and generous. In Boston, Leos will be able to explore all aspects of themselves.


VIRGO- Arlington, Virginia

Photo courtesy of Photopin

Virgos have a need to be productive and useful. Arlington, VA is a city booming with newly graduated college students looking to further their careers. Virgos would fit in perfectly!


LIBRA- Nashville, Tennessee

Photo by Joshua Ness

Libras crave balance. Nashville would allow them to balance their lives out with a mixture of city life and the outdoors.


SCORPIO- New York City, New York

Photo by Jonathan Riley

There is only one place for Scorpios—New York City! Scorpios are known to be energetic and obviously NYC has plenty of energy. In addition to that, Scorpios are fierce and passionate. NYC will allow Scorpios to pursue their passion.


SAGITTARIUS- Portland, Oregon

Photo by Zack Spear

Sagittarius are noteworthy for being sincere and philosophical. Portland will allow the sign to explore and have fun while not being overrun by city life.


CAPRICORN- London, England

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom

Capricorns are straightforward and love tradition. They’re wise and practical. London would allow a Capricorn to live peacefully without completely abandoning a fun, exciting life.


AQUARIUS- San Francisco, California

Photo by Patrick Tomasso

San Francisco, California is the perfect place for an Aquarius. Aquarius’s are artistic and have an amazing imagination. They are typically progressive and open-minded. San Francisco is the perfect place for an Aquarius to flourish!


PISCES- Los Angeles, California

Photo by Owen CL

Pisces are known to be one of the friendliest signs. They are also artistic. In the “City of Angels,” they will be able to pursue their dreams. LA will also allow a Pisces to be social and make plenty of new friends!