What It's Like To Be The Single Girl During 'Cuffing' Season


Alright ladies, as October comes to an end, a new season is coming up. And no, I’m not just talking about winter. It’s that time of the year when, for some strange reason, everyone seems to find a significant other.

That’s right, cuffing season has returned. As the weather gets colder and we tend to stay inside more due to the chilly air, many people tend to want a relationship to keep them occupied. Not to mention, you’ll have a cuddle buddy every night to fight off Jack Frost. There’s nothing wrong with it; it’s a common occurrence in college. However, for some people, they avoid cuffing season at all costs, leaving them to be the single lady.

Believe me, it’s not fun awkwardly watching your friends pair off while you remain relationship-less. Perhaps you don’t have the time to commit to someone else, or maybe you simply don’t want to be tied down. Whatever the reason may be, you’re single, and now most of your friends aren’t. Adjusting to this is always a bit strange. You’ll get texts apologizing that they can’t make it because they’re going pumpkin picking with their boyfriend, or you’ll be left out of the date nights. It’s strange to be left out or alone, but there are ways to make the best of it.

For me, I like to use this season to branch out and meet new people. Your friends are in the honeymoon stage as their relationships start, which means many of them will be with their significant other as much as they possibly can. So take this opportunity to expand your relationships and spend time with people you don’t typically see. Invite your lab partner out on a Friday night, talk to new people at the bar. Rather than keeping yourself locked in your room, go out and have a good time.

As the only single one in your friend group, embrace the things that your newly tied down friends can no longer do. Dance with that cute guy across the room. Your friends now have to use the phrase “sorry, I have a boyfriend” to those trying to hit on them, but you can have fun with that. Attempt to plan a girl’s night. One of your friends might not be able to do it because they’ have plans with their boyfriend, but there are bound to be others who are more than willing to dance the night away. Some of your friends might have to skip out on quite a few things once they’re in cuffs, but that doesn’t mean you do, too.