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What I Learned My First Year at WVU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Deciding where to go to college is a huge decision. You prepare your whole life for this decision. Some people make the wrong decision, some people make the right ones. After my first year at WVU, I know that I don’t fit into either of those categories. Going to West Virginia University wasn’t the right decision for me, it was the perfect one. I couldn’t have chosen a better school, and from living in Morgantown for almost a year, here is what I learned.

1. Little to no judgment People don’t care what you wear to class(thank god because I look homeless everyday), they don’t care if your makeup is done, or what your hair looks like. Everyone is there to learn and everybody was at the bars last night so they know how rough it was waking up this morning, after all we are all in this together.

2. Go to school events I met some of my best friends at school fairs, or events. If you are not a people person and don’t make friends easily, this is the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone and make some friends!

3. Go to the games I can not think of a better sense of community than mountaineer fans. Even if your are not big into sports, it doesn’t matter, what could be better than celebrating a WVU win with good food and great company, Some of the best memories I have of the year were at sporting events. Plus who doesn’t love a good football game instagram?

4. You will get sick of the food The beauty of being a freshman is you don’t have access to a kitchen so you will most likely be at a dining hall every night. It takes some getting used too, but it could be worse.

5. Appreciate the campus The best part of West Virginia is the campus. WVU’s campus will make you never want to go back to your dorm. On sunny days there is nothing better than sitting on the green or in Woodburn circle and listening to music and studying with friends. We have such a beautiful campus and it needs to be appreciated.

6. Appreciate what is outside of the campus. Take a Saturday and drive up to Coopers Rock or the swimming hole. West Virginia has some

of the most beautiful landscape in the country, it’s okay to take a break from studying and go enjoy hiking or swimming on a beautiful day.

7. Dont party too much The first thing everybody thinks of is the party culture at WVU. Although its okay to have a fun night of partying, WVU is so much more than that. Appreciate the people, the atmosphere and the academics. It’s a great place for work and play.

8. You will know every word to Country Roads whether you like it or not I have heard “Country Roads” at least once a day, everyday for the whole first semester. Over the 33,000 times I have heard that song, I still get chills everytime it comes on. Also, you will never be able to listen to “Sweet Caroline” the same ever again. #EatShittPitt

9. Home away from Home Homesickness will come with being away from home no matter where you are, but Morgantown is home now too. Your friends become family and your apartment or house becomes a

temporary home. It’s easy to find comfort in Morgantown because it is unlike any other college in the world. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is incredible and I couldn’t be more lucky to call myself a mountaineer. 

I am originally from Westchester, New York. I came to WVU for my undergrad in Strategic Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations and a minor in Sports Communication. My involvment on campus includes blogging for Her Campus, a sister of Alpha Phi, the assistant director of the media team on the Mountaineer Maniacs executive board and lastly, an athletic communications intern with the WVU Athletic Communications office. I will be graduating in May of 2017 and I am looking forward to getting started with my future career in Journalism and Public Relations!