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Top 10 Britney Spears Moments

You only have to talk to me for five minutes to know that I have a deep love for Britney Spears. Because she is the most iconic pop star of all time, how could someone not feel this way? I have decided to compile a list of my personal favorite Britney moments.

10. Britney on SNL: Britney played the role as Skipper during her time on SNL. The sketch is cute and perfectly fitting for Britney.

9. Denim Britney: Britney Spears is the only human alive that could make a full on denim ensemble even remotely acceptable. This outfit has become so iconic, that Katy Perry attempted to recreate its greatness.

8. Vegas Britney: Not only did Britney partake in dozens of tours, but also had her own show in Vegas. Miley Cyrus was even there to support on her opening night.

7. Crossroads: I watch Crossroads every time I catch it on television. I don’t care what rotten tomatoes said about it. Crossroads is a great movie.

6. Superbowl Britney: I might not care much for sports, but the Superbowl is still a huge deal. Most of all, Britney’s body was definitely on point.

5. Britney and Justin: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the best couple to have ever lived. I still am hopeful that someday they will get back together.

4. 2007 Britney: I have to include Britney’s worst moment because it is talked about constantly. It has become almost motivational as well—if Britney was able to survive 2007, you can survive today.

3. Britney’s comeback: Britney Spears is one of the few artists who were able to get back on the right track after a terrible moment of weakness. We should all learn to be as strong as Britney.

2. Toxic: Toxic was the most amazing pop song to have ever been written. Also, the music video is one of the most memorable ones ever made.

1. VMA Britney: No Britney Spears list can be complete unless it includes her iconic VMA performance. Her confidence with having a snake draped over her shoulders is truly remarkable.

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