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First, let me say that I hope none of you ever need to use the resources in this article. Take it from someone who has used these before, the process is hard. But, should you ever need to use these, I hope that they make your recovery that much easier.

“The Title IX Act of 1972 states ‘No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.’”

Title IX protects anyone, regardless of sex, ethnicity, or creed, from discrimination. Discrimination includes bullying, stalking, and sexual misconduct. While WVU requires all new students to complete the online Title IX training, few people understand the extent of the Title IX protection and benefits. Here are the basics of what Title IX provides:


Campus Peer Advocates– Peer Advocates are available to students looking for information on the Title IX processor how to make a Title IX complaint. Peer Advocates are a confidential resource, meaning that they are not legally required to investigate or report anything that you may disclose to them. A peer advocate can be requested by calling 304-293-5100 and asking for a campus peer advocate.

Carruth Center– The Carruth Center offers free counseling services for students. They also offer various group therapy options every semester. If you make an incident report to Title IX, they will set you up with a designated Title IX counselor for as long as you need.

Ruby Memorial Hospital– If you have been a victim of assault, you can be admitted to Ruby Memorial anonymously and WVU will foot the bill, meaning that your insurance company will never be billed. In addition to this, no one will be able to ask if you are currently being treated at the hospital unless you permit it. This protect you from your attacker.

No Contact Directive- This directive will be sent to you and your attacker (if identified and reported). It specifies that neither of you can contact the other and if you do, that this will be added as an additional charge during the Title IX investigation.

Class Excuse Letter- Whether you have made an official report or are using the confidential resources of Title IX, this letter can be sent out by the office of Student Life to all of your professors, excusing you from exams and class temporarily to give you some time to recover. Just make sure that you meet with your professors to catch up on work afterwards.

Change of Class Schedules- If you have made an official report and identified your attacker, you can request that he or she be removed from your classes for the remainder of the semester, or however long it takes to complete the investigation.

Escort to Classes- If you feel unsafe walking to and from classes alone, you can request that a Peer Advocate walk with you to make you feel more comfortable.

*Important to note*

                  1) WVU Legal services will not represent you against another student.

                  2) Title IX is separate from a legal prosecution

                  3) WVUPD handles cases that occur on campus. MPD handles cases that occur off campus.

                  4) You do not have to report to the police right away. But you should go to the hospital and

                      get a forensic exam and file it as a non-report- just in case you decide to report later.

                  5) Your recovery is about you. Don’t let your family or friends tell you how to report.


Title IX Website http://www.titleix.wvu.edu/ 

Title IX Offices

Office of Equity Assurance – 1085 Van Voorhis, Suite 250  PO Box 6202, Morgantown, WV 26506

Peer Advocate Coordinator

Mariana Matthews – Title IX Education Specialist. Office – (304) 293-5600,  Cell – (304) 906-9930

Carruth Center located in Health and Education Building – 390 Birch Street  Morgantown, WV  (304) 293-4431

UPD – 992 Elmer Prince Drive  P.O. Box 6563  Morgantown, WV 26506  (304) 293-COPS (2677)

Office of Student Conduct – 87 Boreman North  Morgantown, WV  (304) 293-8111

Student Legal Services – Elizabeth Moore Hall  1507 University Ave  Morgantown, WV  (304) 293-4897



 Rape and Domestic Violence Center – (304) 292-5100 http://www.rdvic.org/

 Morgantown Police Dept. – (304) 284-7522  http://www.morgantownwv.gov/quick-links/police-department/

 Monongalia County Prosecutor’s Office – Victim’s Assistance Program (304) 291-7286 http://www.vwapwv.com/wvcounties/Monongalia.html

I am a sophomore at West Virginia University. I am majoring in English and History, with hopes of becoming a professor or a lawyer. On campus I am a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, the Honors College, and of course Her Campus! In my free time, I can be found cooking, reading, and playing with my guinea pigs.
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