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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went to Europe

1. Water is NOT free

Literally, beer is cheaper than water… I have never been so dehydrated in my LIFE. Props to Europeans because of wow.. impressive.


2. Wear comfortable shoes

All you’re gonna do is walk.. honestly. I packed a pair of rain booties thinking I’d be good to go. FALSE. My feet hurt so badly from walking all over the city on the cobblestone streets that I actually took baths to soak my feet.. just invest in the Dr. Schol’s inserts people.


3. Convert your Euros there

As per usual, I was scammed by the people of the international airport. Rude. It’s actually cheaper to convert your money there! $1.24 = 1 Euro. I suggest using that rather than your card because let me tell you, those charges will hit you like a freight train.


4. Don’t eat at American restaurants

In a state of pure desperation, I got Dominos pizza and it was honestly the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. Just don’t do it. Enjoy the fun cafes and cute restaurants.


5. Don’t drink on the plane

It sounds like a great idea but all that will happen after three glasses of white wine will be you passing out and waking up with a killer headache.. not that I did that or anything…


6. Jet lag is a real thing

Fun fact: Europe is actually 5 hours ahead of the US. So when you come home and it’s 8 pm your body will think it’s midnight. Which then leads you to wake up at 5 am. What a joy.



Don’t worry about taking the Instagram worthy photos or texting your friends at home. Live in the moment while you’re there. There’s truly nothing like immersing yourself in the beauty of the cities you’re in.

My name's Kayla, but I prefer Kay. I'm a senior public relations major with an emphasis in event planning and a minor in political science. I enjoy iced vanilla chais from Dunkin, sleepy voices, and people with great Instagram aesthetics / Spotify playlists. I'm a sister of AOII, the strategic communications intern for the WVU Student Life communications office, a coffee slingin barista at Tutto Gelato Cafe, and a writer for the local magazine club. Life's short, talk fast. 
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