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The ‘strange and unusual’ love dynamics in tim burton films

Since the first Tim Burton movie was released in 1985, the essence and uniqueness of Burton’s films has continued to captivate audiences around the world. The style of art and execution of stories of over 15 films has made Tim Burton one of the most well known script writers and directors of our time. If you were to ask anyone the one thing they enjoyed most about Burton’s films, the art style would probably be number one. However, a popular answer that isn’t talked about much is the love dynamics built within the stories. Burton is known for mixing horror and romance as a sort of personalized trope in all of his stories. Even if a story does not have a classic “dating” trope, there is always some type of love relationship. From creating an infinite life for a man’s best friend to a 7 foot skeleton falling in love with a ragdoll, the love dynamics prove to match the unique style of Burton’s films. 

Almost all of Burton’s films can be placed into the Halloween category. The ambiance, character style and settings always prove to have a suspenseful ‘spooky’ vibe to them which makes the specific love style unique in its own way. Most people don’t think of romance when asked about their favorite Halloween movie. However, this uniqueness is something that makes a classic Tim Burton movie. 

The idea of being someone (or something) so incredibly strange and weird, but still being able to find love, is something most people would not believe. With that being said, Burton’s movies allow this almost impossible idea to come to life in more ways than one. He pushes the narrative that everyone deserves to be loved no matter what they look like. In this day and age, it seems as though looks have become a top priority over more meaningful contributions like personality or interests. 

One of the biggest examples of pushing past this ‘love requirement’ comes directly from one of the more popular movies, Edward Scissorhands. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the two main characters certainly make an odd couple, and is something that is definitely not considered normal. This weirdness is what makes this dynamic so unique. 

Having multiple examples of characters coming from different settings and having extremely unique features and personalities pushes the narrative that no matter what, everyone does deserve to be happy. Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas are also a good example of this trope. Both characters have very different quirks and goals, but they still end up coming together even with all of the differences between them. Tim Burton also offers platonic love with this same idea, as well. Frankenweenie is a heart-wrenching story that most people can relate to. At some point, most of us have lost a beloved pet. This movie, in particular, pushes this idea of going through the most intriguing events to try and have a pet with us just a little longer. 

Most can agree that they feel pulled towards these movies due to the fact that everyone of all walks of life is represented,  just in a strange way. More specifically, everyone’s looks are represented in a way that makes them feel beautiful. Next time you’re feeling down about something involving a particular personality trait or physical attribute, think about the universe of Tim Burton. Remember that in this particular universe, everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and they all deserve love. 

Jessica is a sophomore journalism student attending West Virginia University, but she's originally from Ohio. She loves to read and write in her spare time. She also enjoys hanging with friends and participating in community and club events. She loves writing for topics as history, pop culture, nature and media.