Tarot Cards: Divination And Mediation




If you are not familiar with using Tarot Cards, a picture of an older lady peering into a crystal ball probably appeared in your mind as you read the title of this article. Another possible memory that many resurface is your grandmother steering you away from Tarot Cards because they are used to “contact the devil.” The misconceptions surrounding this art cause many people to stay away from this actually useful tool you can use for self-reflection. Even if you do not believe in the supernatural forces many believe guide the choosing of cards, everyone can get something out of the process.

The starting questions many have are what exactly are Tarot Cards and what do they mean. A single deck is made up of 78 cards (22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana). The major arcana each have a character that represents a virtue or personality trait. The minor arcana are organized in a similar way to playing cards, numbered in the way of ace through 10 with face cards also. There are a variety of different art pieces and themed Tarot cards, so you can find a certain deck that speaks to you. Once you purchase a deck, the more you work with the cards and use them to interpret the future, the more the deck is supposed to become personalized to you. Tarot reading is similar to most skills where it takes patience and practice to become a master in the art.

There is a variety of different formations you can choose to set up the cards in to answer the questions you want to ask. Personally, I use two different spreads to practice reading fortunes. The first is a two-card reading, where the first card is used as a reflection of the day and the second is a prediction (or a thought to keep in mind) for tomorrow. This spread is a great one to reflect on your day so you can see what you gained from the day. The other main set that people use is called a Celtic Cross. This is a 10 card spread that reflect your innermost desires and can reveal who may come into your life. This spread takes long to perform but is the best for deep reflection.

Tarot is a relatively cheap meditation option that you can practice at home. While not everyone might be a fortune teller immediately, it is a hobby in which everyone can become decent. In the chilly fall months, this may just be a new party trick you can learn and use to impress your friends. It may not be witchcraft, but it will leave your friends spellstruck.



Edited by Sydney Keener