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Stay Safe on Campus


As a female, I must say I feel pretty safe at this campus. I walk home a couple blocks off of campus after night classes or library sessions, and I never think twice of it. At WVU we always feel as if we are part of a mountaineer family that will keep each other safe. Yet no matter how safe the campus may seem it is important for students, especially females, to be aware. I have gotten into the habit of always walking home with someone else, it gives me a sense of security. Itʼs always been said there is safety in numbers. Also try to avoid to putting yourself in harms ways. Find a route that has lights and is known for a strong number of students to be walking by. Once getting home the most important part is to always make sure the door is locked. Even locking the bedroom door can make the difference and provide a more secure feeling.
Even technology can provide safety. I found an app featured on an online website that can help make a female student feel more safe. The app is called Circle of 6, and it is free. The user fills out information for six emergency contacts. It can include a prewritten message that could be asking for help, a ride home, etc. Itʼs an easy to use system that can alert friends when the a threatening situation. With double clicking on the friendʼs contacted they are quickly reached with the message.
Itʼs vital for females on this campus to be aware of their surroundings and try their best to keep safe.
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