Spring Break Swimsuit 101

If you’re anything like me, you’re beginning to get tired of the usual Target bathing suit. Not saying they’re not cute and great quality, everyone just seems to have the same one. Over the past few months of my nonstop online shopping, I have come across bathing suits I can guarantee not everyone on the beach will be having. So here’s my little secret of where to find the cutest bathing suits for Spring Break!


1. Lana Swimwear



What I love about Lana is the fact that basically, any suit you fall in love with you can find it whatever color. Scrolling through their website you’ll notice they’re known for their basic sets, but of course, they have their fair share of marble print, velvet, and stripes.



2. Cupshe Swimwear



Cupshe covers every style you could ever ask for in all the patterns you dream of having. The bonus is that they’re having a great SB sale right now!



3. Shein



I instantly fell in love with Shein’s bathing suits, beach accessories and their prices. Websites like Shein seem sketchy but I promise you there are ways to know if you are getting a quality product when you order from here. Definitely look for reviews. Preferably with 10+ that SHOW PICTURES.






For a more minimalistic, modern look I would check out ASOS. They are on the more expensive scale on this list, however, you can still find extremely stylish bathing suits for under $30.