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This is, Like, SO Fetch: Storybook Cosmetics

Get in loser, we’re going (online) shopping.


Every girl on planet earth has seen Mean Girls, and if she says she hasn’t she’s lying. Mean Girls is a 2004 classic that’s still popular, even 13 years later.


Storybook Cosmetics is right in the loop with Mean Girls. The brand went viral in October of 2016 with their super fun wand-shaped makeup brushes. Their fans wanted more so they continued to create magical-themed makeup products, from eyeshadow to lipstick to eyeliner to brushes. But they didn’t stop there.


Storybook Cosmetics collaborated with Paramount Pictures to release the Storybook Cosmetics x Mean Girls Burn Book Storybook Palette. The palette finally launched on November 1st, 2017 after a long year of teasers from the brand.


The palette is completely identical to the actual Mean Girls Burn Book, not to mention it features colors named after well-known phrases and quotes from the movie. There’s a bright pink matte shade called “Wednesday” (because on Wednesday’s we wear pink, right?), a light brown transition shade called “Glen CoCo” (you GO Glen CoCo!), and a shimmery blue shade called “Cool Mom” (not a regular mom, a COOL mom).


(Photos courtesy of @dupethat on Instagram)


There’s 12 totally fetch, cruelty-free shades in this palette, and it also comes with a mirror to make sure that you look like, really pretty (as the mirror says). The palette retails for $55 and is surprisingly still in stock on storybookcosmetics.com.



Oh, and if you’re not using this palette, then you can’t sit with us.



But if you miss out on this one, Storybook Cosmetics has more licensed collaborations in the making (if our hearts can take it).


Victoria Price is a sophomore strategic communicatons major at West Virginia University. She is emphasizing in public relations and minoring in law and legal studies, with hopes of attending law school after graduating with her Bachelor's degree. Aside from being a member of Her Campus, Victoria has written for Ed on Campus, WVU's student magazine organization. 
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