Small Ways To Empower Yourself And Others Every Day

Everyday empowerment doesn’t have to involve reading quotes about self-love that you’ve seen a hundred times.  It doesn’t have to involve working yourself to the point of exhaustion, only to find out that it doesn’t make you feel as good as you thought it would.

You can empower yourself by doing nothing.  Read a book, take a bath, watch a movie or just sit in silence.  Sometimes, it feels more empowering to spend a day by yourself and relax than to push yourself too hard.  I know it’s hard to take time to relax, but you deserve it and I promise you’ll feel better afterward.

Maybe while you’re doing nothing you can pull out one of your talents that you haven’t had time for.  Paint, draw, write, take pictures or whatever you feel like doing. Creativity releases the mind from the hold of everyday stresses.  After taking the time to relax and be creative, you will feel more empowered and confident when you’re completing everyday tasks.

Go to the gym and workout regularly.  Feeling good about your body will empower your mind.  It’s important to love every part of yourself, including your body.  Don’t let your body become less of a priority because you’re too busy to worry about it.  You only have one body, you don’t get a redo, so take care of it and take the time to empower it the same way you would empower your mind.  

Empowerment for yourself doesn’t have to be all about you.  Take some time to ease the stress in other’s lives. It will make you feel better and it will make them feel better.  Pay for the stranger’s Starbucks order behind you in the drive-thru line. I promise you will make their day better and you will leave feeling more empowered because you know you helped someone else.  You don’t have to pay directly for someone, you can also save up a little bit of money every month to give to a charity. Helping others, complimenting others and sharing your money with others will empower you, as well as the people you’ve helped.

You can educate yourself.  Learn something new, take some night classes or pick up a new hobby.  Being educated in many different fields will bring up your self-esteem and knowledge that you can share with others.  

If you just take a little time out of your hectic life to lift yourself up, you will lift others up too.  Be confident enough in yourself to radiate empowerment to friends and family around you because it gives people hope that they can be true to themselves the same way that you are true to yourself.