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Show Your School Colors with Style

Now that we’re in a bigger league for football, we’re in a bigger league of fashion as well. Joining the Big 12 was huge for our college sports teams and for Morgantown itself. Let’s make a good impression for the colleges who come to our stomping ground this season. Time to dress up in that Mountaineer blue and gold. Here are some creative style ideas:

• If you haven’t noticed, traditional t-shirts are so last season. Girls are starting to get innovative with their wardrobe, and you shouldn’t blame them! Do you have a t-shirt that absolutely everyone owns? Here’s an idea: bring out your scissors! Cutting and styling a common t-shirt will make it more unique and original. Getting inventive and rid of the sleeves is also a good idea for a scorching hot game day, and you know we’ll have plenty of those.

• Two words: Campus Collection. So many designers are coming out with college clothing collections. The popular Victoria’s Secret PINK brand is a prime example. Victoria’s Secret comes out with new collegiate clothes every season. Their PINK brand offers West Virginia University clothes and not for a bad price either. More high-end clothing and sophisticated accessory brands that offer WVU collegiate items are Sorrelli and Emma Graham. Wearing brands like these will really set you apart style-wise from others at a tailgate.

• This fall, we’re competing with the good ole southern style in the Big 12. Transforming your game
day style to a more country girl look is not only easy, but also affordable. Throwing on a solid color dress, a scarf to go along, and slipping on some comfortable cowgirl boots will bring out the “country roads” part in all of us at a tailgate.

• Sometimes it’s fun to look for blue and gold color combinations at random stores while shopping. Mix and match colors from stores like Forever 21, for example, to form a perfect college game day outfit. You’ll be surprised how much WVU gear you’ll start to accumulate if you always keep your eye peeled for your school colors.

• Last but not least, make your own accessories! Crafting isn’t so much for school projects as it could be for your style as well. Shirts aren’t the only items
to DIY. Accessories, shoes, and even scarves are now popular items to make right at home. There’s no better feeling than showing off something that you personally made, so get creative!


Tori is a senior at West Virginia University. She majors in Advertising and aspires to work in a big advertising agency after graduation. Tori was both Social Chair and Public Relations Chair for her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. She enjoys being involved in different organizations at WVU. Originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Tori was born and raised a Mountaineer. She loves to hang out with friends and be social. Tori would describe herself as outgoing, passionate, and motivated.
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