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Senior Bucketlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Although it may never seem like it, time at WVU eventually comes to an end. After spending nine months out of the year, for four years at WVU, Morgantown becomes your home and your friends become your family. For many, the time left is winding down, but their are a few last things to do before the sun sets for good for these seniors.

1. ” Make out” on the PRT

I use the term “make out” with a loose interpretation. With that being said, you have from Walnut to Medical, a lot can happen in ten minutes.

2. Spend a night at a classic bar

For the term classic, I mean a bar that has lasted since you arrived here four years ago. We all know bars in Morgantown come and go quickly, so try to go to one that has been here the same time you have, even if that means Shooters!

3. Shotgun a beer in front of a WVU building

We all love Woodburn and we all love beer.

4. Eat bar food for a day

In Morgantown bar food is considered a food group, so head to Keglers or the Boston Beanery and eat up! You can count calories once you graduate!

5. See a West Virginia sunset the right way

Go out to Coppers Rock or Dorsey’s Knob to see the sunset in West Virginia the way it’s meant to be seen.

6. Leave a note at Fishbowl

Mario’s Fishbowl holds generations of WVU grads and their legacy. Leave a note on the wall and your final impression at WVU.