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With summer around the corner, many collegiettes are ditching their beloved cosmetics in favor of their natural glows. Here are some reasons you may want to ditch the beauty products!

Make-up clogs pores: make-up used to cover imperfections (such as foundation and concealer) may be the culprit, especially when mixed with sweat. It is full of artificial chemicals that get caught deep in our pores and cause breakouts, even after we wash it off. Instead, opt for methods such as a healthy diet and a skin care routine that prevent blemishes, so make-up isn’t necessary.



Make-up dries skin: Putting products on and taking them off repeatedly irritates the skin and strips it of its natural moisture, resulting in redness and flakiness. Not to mention, eye make-up may be robbing our lashes of their density, and constantly pulling on the skin causes premature wrinkles.



Make-up is expensive: Buying a fun new lipstick or eye shadow shade every once in a while is exciting, but continually having to restock does just as much damage to our bank accounts as it does to our skin.



Feeling Free: Of course, we all know how satisfying it is to rub our eyes without the fear of our make-up being smudged. But, there is nothing better than jumping into a pool or ocean on a hot day and not having to worry about it running off your face, or staining our clothes every time we change. The time you would have spent applying make-up this summer can be used for adventures, like spur-of-the-moment road trips, instead.


Madalyn is a journalism graduate student at West Virginia University. In 2016 she graduated with a B.S. in journalism from WVU. She also completed a minor in Spanish language, literature and linguistics. When she is not studying or working, Madalyn enjoys reading, exercising (especially running, hiking and cycling), playing with her dogs, art and fashion. 
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