Rundown of dining on the Downtown campus

It has only been a couple weeks since classes started at WVU, but it’s important to remember to not spend all of your meal swipes and dining dollars too early into the semester and to know the best places to eat. It is very easy to want to eat out every meal of the day and all of the swipes quickly add up without even thinking about it. So, I went out to lunch at the Mountainlair and residence halls to see where the best places to eat were that had enough to have leftovers for dinner, too.  

Taziki's Mediterranean Café: 

I had Taziki’s for the first time here at WVU and fell in love. I had the pasta and was hooked. It is weird that when you order the grilled chicken sandwich it comes in strips. It was the first time ever eating a sandwich like that, so it was a little odd. The food is very filling, however the only side that is meal plan compatible is chips. If you order a salad then the side is a piece of pita chip. However, there are cheap sides like pasta and rice that you can buy with your dining dollars that are decently sized. Overall, this was more of a hassle than it was beneficial and I wound up hungry later.

Blue Tomato: 

Here I ordered a chicken bacon ranch slice of pizza. The first thing I noticed was that it was SUPER greasy and ginormous. However, the key to eating a slice of pizza that size is to fold at the crust and smash it in half. The slice of pizza itself could be two meals if you ate half of it and took some home to eat later. The pizza also comes with a side salad that includes tomatoes, cucumbers and your choice of dressing. I took that home to stick in the fridge and eat for dinner. It was surprisingly filling! I don’t particularly like cucumbers so, instead, I sat them on my eyes after a long day of classes and climbing hills to relax.  

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches: 

The size of this sandwich was enough for leftovers. The “regular” sandwich came with chips which added to the fact that I could split this into two meals. It was my first time eating here and it reminded me of the Subway in my hometown. The only surprise is that I didn’t ask for my bread to be toasted and it was, so maybe all of their sandwiches are toasted.

Burger Shop: 

Best burgers and fries on the Downtown Campus. Hands down. It was super windy and I just wanted some hot food. They take meal swipes for certain items on the menu and to build a burger, they accept dining dollars. The fries were enough to snack on later because I had built such a huge burger.  


I was super excited to eat at Hatfields because the university really hypes up this home-style buffet in the Mountainlair. They were serving ribs, macaroni and cheese. These foods really made me miss home which only made me more excited to dig in. It was super filling and I felt better than when I stopped at a chain restaurant. My disappointment came when I realized that it only takes Dining Dollars and they charged extra for soup. So, if you are willing to pay more to have leftovers, then this is the perfect place. The serving size is bigger than most on the Downtown Campus so you do end up getting your money’s worth.

Tres Habaneros:

Where I’m from in Ohio, Chipotle is huge. I was really disappointed that the nearest Chipotle is inaccessible to me because I didn’t bring a car to campus. Then I noticed this cute little Chipotle-style joint called Tres Habaneros. There was an assortment of meats and toppings to choose from and my bowl ended up being huge.


Chick-fil-A is just something you cannot mess up. We tried getting 12-piece chicken nuggets, a favorite among myself and friends, on a meal swipe but you can only get the eight piece. So, there really isn’t a way to eat more here without using dining dollars, if you want.  

Saikou Sushi: 

There’s no possible way to take home leftovers here, but the sushi leaves you so full for $8 that you might have a few pieces uneaten. Many people are a bit taken aback from sushi in a convenience store, but it is very clean. I have eaten there three times and haven’t gotten sick yet.  

Terrace Room at Stalnaker Hall:  

I went here super late in the day so maybe the food options were limited, but the food available sucked. Also, if you do not ask for a food box as you walk in, taking home leftovers is impossible without swiping your meal card again. The service here was great, but the food was almost stale feeling. Advice: go earlier in the day and ask for a box at the counter.

Boreman Bistro: 

Upperclassmen call this the healthiest place to eat on campus, and I agree. The salads and sandwiches are made custom to order right in front of you, and it tastes so good. Just like the Terrace Room, you have to ask for a to-go box as you walk in. Portion sizes can be huge if desired. Considering this, the to-go boxes and the quality food, Boreman Bistro is the best place to eat and take home leftovers on the Downtown Campus.