The Rising Trend of Spiked Seltzers Among College Students

White Claw, Truly, Pura Water and many more spiked seltzer drink brands have skyrocketed in popularity among college students at social events and summer holidays. Every time I’m out, there’s no doubt I’ll see at least one person holding a can of this alcoholic beverage.

Courtesy: Twitter


The special seltzers began gaining their popularity being known as the go-to drink for female party-goers. The drinks contain no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and each can is only 100 calories. Being a gluten-free, healthier option, there’s no question as to why most females gravitate towards a White Claw rather than a can of beer.

The drinks are a popular buy during Memorial Day and Fourth of July holidays. Many of my college friends agreed that spiked seltzers have been the drink of the summer since 2017 because of the light and refreshing taste that won’t leave you bloated.

Other brands are popping up in hopes to hop on the trend before summer 2019 hits and consumers purchase the beverage even more frequently. Pura Still water made their own spin on the trend, producing a spiked flavored still water. The drink comes in a bottle advertising the contents that only contain 90 calories. Consumers can pick from three flavors: blackberry, mango and mandarin orange. The drink tastes like a refreshing taste of water with a flavored aftertaste.

With this new and healthier alcoholic option on the market, sales have increased four times since 2016. In the summer of 2017, the seltzer brands had just under $60 million in sales. The most profitable time of year is approaching us, and as the temperatures heat up, it seems that the seltzer sales do too. So this summer, will you choose a can of beer or join the trend and try a refreshing sparkling seltzer?