Pros and Cons of Living on Evansdale


1. Close to the Football stadium

Everyone hates game day traffic. Trying to get to Milan Puskar can be quite the hassle, regardless if you’re driving or taking the PRT. Living on Evansdale, you’re just a quick 10-minute walk from the stadium.

2. Close to class

Living on Evansdale is a great option if you’re in the Davis or Engineering college. Most colleges are on the downtown campus, but finding housing that is closest to your classes is the most important thing.

3. Recreation center

If you’re an avid gym goer, living on Evansdale is definitely a pro. The rec center offers plenty of equipment, classes and even a pool.

4. Evansdale crossing

Evansdale Crossing offers many different amenities for students. There is a Barnes & Noble bookstore, the College of Media’s innovation center and plenty of food options where students can use their meal plan.



1. Less options

The downtown campus has more options, all in all than Evansdale. There are definitely more food options. Multiple dining halls, high street and the lair, living downtown there is always a variety of food.  Finding the perfect housing is hard, the downtown campus has more housing options than Evansdale.

2. Night life

If you’re all about parties and the nightlife in Morgantown living on Evansdale is not the place for you. Most of the parties and bars are all downtown. It’s possible to live on Evansdale and go out downtown, but planning your ride can be a bit difficult.

3. Far from class

If your college is downtown, living on Evansdale is an issue. You have to give yourself around 30 extra minutes just to get to class. Living on another campus while all of your classes are on the other campus is a daily hindrance.

4. Transportation

If you’re living on Evansdale and find yourself needing to go downtown, be prepared. The PRT is well-known for being unreliable, but personally the worst part is the wait. Also, the Drunk Bus. If you’ve ever rode the bus after 9 p.m. in Morgantown on the weekend, you know that being packed in a small bus with students ready to party is not fun.