President of the WVU Gymnastics Club Team: Miranda Marchetti

With Miranda Marchetti is not just a typical WVU student, she is the president of the WVU Club Gymnastics Team. Miranda has been doing gymnastics since a very young age and is extremely passionate about the sport.

Name: Miranda Marchetti

Age: 21

Hometown: Londonderry, New Hampshire

Major: Child Development and Family Studies Major with focus in Special Education and Directors Credentials


Q: What made you start wanting to do gymnastics and how long have you been doing it for?

A: When I was two years old my parents put me into gymnastics and I have loved it ever since. All of the men in my family (my dad and my uncles) were gymnastics their whole lives and some even through college, so they were always my idols and pushed me to always be the best gymnast I could be! Almost 20 years later I am still dedicated and love the sport!


Q: How did you get involved in WVU Club Gymnastics team?

A: I transferred to WVU as a junior, and when I was researching the school and its programs I found the Club Gymnastics team and immediately contacted the president at the time. She was happy to let me join the team right away and I am so happy to be involved in the largest Collegiate Club Sports program in the country!!


Q: What are your responsibilities as president of the Club Gymnastics team?

A: As president, there is no higher position than me on the team. I have to plan and organize practices and meets, deal with finances, plan team events such as fundraisers and socials, and meet with the Club Sports department multiple times a month.


Q: How have meets been going in the 2017 season so far?

A: So far in 2017 we have had two meets, on at JMU and one at Ohio State. I am very proud of how we have performed and grown as a team with great individual and team scores!


Q: What has been your favorite memory of being on the team?

A: My favorite memory from being on the team was our first meet at Ohio State this year. It was my first meet as president and I could not have been happier with how everything went. We also attended a fellowship after the meet with all of the teams and it was amazing to meet everyone and make new friends from all over the country!


Q: What are your biggest goals for the team?

A: We all have individual skill goals that we personally want to reach before Nationals, so my biggest goal for the rest of the season is for all of our member to work hard reach their goals before April!


Q: Do you plan to practice gymnastics after graduating?

A: One of the best parts of being apart of the National gymnastics club is that I have the opportunity to compete as an Alumni at any meets for the rest of my life! I would love to go to at least one more meet, but gymnastics will no longer be a top priority of mine after graduation.

Photo Courtesy of Miranda Marchetti