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Journalists serve a purpose in everyday life, even though some people don’t see it that way. We bring you the news from across the globe, straight to your front door and each electronic device in front of you. Here is what some people don’t realize when reading and watching any news source, magazine, or blog. 
1. No days off 
2. Deadlines can be a daily thing
3. You have to search sources for every story, then hope they will help you. 
4. Unless you make it to the big names right off the bat, the pay isn’t good enough for the amount of hours you put in.
5. There is ALWAYS someone who will hate your writing
Although those things can be portrayed as being ‘bad’ – there is some good to being a journalist. 
1. Eating free food at events you’re doing a story on 
2. Interviewing inspirational people
3. Getting on field/on court/on stage access to games and concerts
4. Having the opportunity to write about something you feel strongly about
5. Journalism liberates people
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