Not Only A Gambler’s Paradise: Things for Those Under 21 To Do In Vegas

From the neon lights of Fremont Street to the empire of casinos, Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. However, from the stories people tell, movies such as “The Hangover” series and TV shows like “Friends”, Las Vegas has been seen as a honeymoon destination and a gambler’s paradise. My trip to Vegas this past summer made me realize that this is not the only way to have fun in Vegas. Las Vegas has a number of fun activities for people of all ages and should be put on the travel destination list for any world adventurer.

A Tour of the Casinos 

While you must be 21 to gamble in Vegas, you can go into the casino to look around if you are under that age. There are a variety of different cuisines to try in the casino restaurants and name-brand stores to shop where you may just end up spending all your money. Some of the main attractions I would highly suggest visiting are the dancing flamingos at The Flamingo Hotel, the look-a-like streets of Venice at the Venitian or the Fall of Atlantis show at Caesars Palace.

Red Rock Canyon

When most people think of the beautiful landscape of the West, they picture the Grand Canyon in their minds. Unfortunately, with the Grand Canyon being a two and a half-hour drive away, that will take up a whole day of your vacation. There is a national conservation area called Red Rock Canyon that is only about a 30-minute drive outside of the city. Once there, you can see a variety of wildlife and tiny rock stack art formations as you hike between the red stones. If you are lucky, you may find a Sagebrush lizard sunbathing on a rock as you climb up to see the breathtaking views of the desert.


The Golden Nugget

In the dry heat of Nevada, you will be craving a pool before too long. There is not a more exciting pool than the one in downtown Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget. Trying the water slide that will lead you through the shark tank will put your nerves on edge and will make your heart race. If you are not interested in swimming with the sharks, you can relax in the chairs in the pool or even rent a daybed on the upper level.


Coca Cola Store

If you are a Coca Cola fan, this is the store for you. The store will immediately grab your attention with its flashing sign and cute Coca Cola bottle photo opportunity. The inside of the store has merchandise that will tempt your credit cards as you explore the floors of apparel.  On the top floor, you can order a tray of sodas from around the world. It is not often you can say that you tried such drinks like a bubblegum flavored soda from Peru! It is a unique experience to get to travel the world by trying the soda flavors of different cultures all from the comfort of Las Vegas.



Edited by Katie Carnefix