No Host? No Problem!: A Look at the 2019 Host-less Oscars

In January 2019 The Academy announced they no longer will have a host for this year's Oscars. Instead, they claimed that with enough star-studded performances and award announcers, audiences will be able to overlook the fact that there is no host. Without a host to break-up performances and the award announcements, many were skeptical of the quality of the show this year.

In the latter part of 2018, Kevin Hart was lined up to host the 2019 Oscars, and the comedian was more than ready to fill the role. However, facing backlash over controversial tweets that recently resurfaced, Hart decided to bow out of the hosting gig. This left the Academy at a loss for who they would have to host the show, with the date fast approaching. Since December, there has been a scramble to find a host to fill the slot.

Tradition speaks to the idea of a host making the awards show go smoothly. It is a large role and one that many celebrities covet. It has been nearly 30 years since the last time the Oscars went without a host. In 1989, the Oscars were without a host, and many called this one of the messiest shows ever, with lackluster performances and less than ideal award presenters. With this in mind, everyone waited with bated breath to see how the 2019 show would play out.

The 2019 Oscars were one for the history books with performances by Queen and Lady Gaga and A-List celebrities presenting awards. Black Panther became the first superhero movie to ever win three Oscars. Rami Malek won for his role as the iconic Freddie Mercury in the film Bohemian Rhapsody. Controversially, Green Book won Best Picture, much to the dismay of many viewers. Between the performances, winners and celebrity outfits, not having a host was the least of the viewers’ concerns, and many realized they did not even miss the presence of a host.

Overall, the 2019 Oscars went by fairly smooth even without a host. As with every year, there was outrage over who did and did not win, and over the speeches and nominees. The 2019 Oscars were certainly interesting, but perhaps it set the precedent that a host is not necessary to make a great show. Either way, the 2020 Oscars host search, or perhaps lack thereof, is certainly something to keep your eye on.