Netflix Steps Up the Streaming Game With Interactive Content

Netflix recently introduced a new kind of streaming experience in which the viewer can interact with the show and decide the actions, emotions and choices of the character during the present time and even during their past.

There are currently five interactive shows on Netflix, the most popular being Black Mirror's Bandersnatch movie. Black Mirror is already a unique series because every season tells a different story with different characters, which made it the perfect show to try out an interactive feature with. The interactive film became a huge meme on Twitter, similar to Bird Box.

Throughout the show, multiple choices of events will pop up on the screen, and you can pick between the choices to decide what happens next. There are a bunch of different options that lead to countless different endings. Many viewers have been trying to figure out how many possible endings there are and how many different options can lead to those endings. A tweet from one of Netflix’s twitter accounts shared some interesting details about the show.

Fans of the show were really excited to watch the new Black Mirror film when it was released, and it's also bringing in a whole new audience who are simply eager to try an interactive show geared towards adults. All of the other interactive content Netflix has released thus far has been focused on reaching a younger audience.

If the thought of more interactive content piques your interest, you will be happy to know that Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Greg Peters has hinted at more interactive films to come. 

“You should anticipate we do more of those [interactive films] as we start to explore that format,”  Peters said.

This is a really exciting advancement in streaming television, and it will be really interesting to see where it goes next. Hopefully, Netflix will be releasing new interactive content ASAP!