Music for the Soul

We all have "those days" where you're so stressed you want to punch everyone you see, but there's an easy fix to your bad mood - music! As my friend Cory once told me, "Good beats and good vibes always help, Em!" Music has an uncanny ability to take our minds from something and keep us in a trance. Listening to music creates moods that can put you in a place where you can be what you want to. So, I will share with everyone my go-to music for any mood. Enjoy!

•  Stressed/Feeling Down - Bob Marley is the perfect sound for someone who is stressed and upset. Whenever I feel like nothing is going my way, the first thing I do is go home and put on some Bob. Specific Songs: "No Woman No Cry," "Could You be Loved," "Three Little Birds," and "Is This Love".

Calm/Content - If there's ever been a time to listen to DMB or John Mayer, this is that time. Slow cool beats with soft sounds always help to make me feel even happier than I was before. Try: John Mayer - "Edge of Desire" or Dave Matthews Band - "Where are you Going".

Empowered/Inspired - Everyone has those days where you feel unstoppable. Personally, I like to listen to music about defeating odds on these types of days. See: Wale - "The Power" or Nas - "The World is Yours".

Giddy/Funny - When I feel like laughing, I listen to something that is disgusting and I know all of the lyrics. Like, "Colt 45" by Afroman or Pretty Ricky - "Your Body" (which I'm sad to say one of my best friends knows every lyric to every Pretty Ricky song).

Work Out/Pumped Up! - This is one of my favorites because it's so diverse. Honestly, all you need is a heavy-fast beat. You need something that keeps the momentum up while you get your work out on! Try: "Bomb Over Baghdad" by Outkast or (of course) "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" by Drowning Pool.

Going Out - You need faced paced music that makes you want to dance! Put on "Yeah 3x" by Chris Brown or DJ Yemi's series of mixtapes entitled "Fist Pump V1-2" (the third one is on its way). Or, put on some Dubstep.

Sometimes you're just in the mood to listen to stories (or at least I am) - that's when I listen to Nas or Biggie and actually listen to their lyrics. I have an undying love for hip-hop and ability of rappers to tell stories through their words. Music is more than just something to play in the background at the club - it's something to be valued and paid attention to. There are a lot of story tellers that aren't getting the attention they deserve like Kid Cudi, Wale, Lupe Fiasco and much more.

Do your research and start listening!