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Mice, Mazes and My Mom’s Book: ‘There is No Cheese’

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing my mom, she is a piece of art herself– the wisest, most confident and beautiful woman I know. Given my own nature, of course, I have to try everything out for myself, so I try, fail, dust myself off and repeat. If only I had just listened to my momma. She always gives me the most insightful advice like, “Never do a cartwheel in a mini skirt.  Becky is my mom, so I know I’m biased, but after reading her book, I am sure you will come to agree with me.

While I want to be selfish and keep all of her wisdom to myself, she has put her whole heart and soul into this book. It will leave you curious but enlightened at the same time. It will open your mind to a new world, a new perspective and perhaps a whole new life. My mom states, “Life tries to trick us that love is hard. But if we look closely, love teaches us it’s life that’s hard–not Love.”

My mom’s book questions everything! She has always taught me that life herself is the greatest teacher, so I should let my life guide me rather than complacently accepting the rules and opinions of society. The title of her book, “There Is No Cheese,” seems like an odd name for a book, but there is a concept behind it. We are all like mice, living in a big maze looking for cheese, but the funny thing is — “There Is No Cheese.” 

While your immediate reaction to this article may be, “I am not going to read a book about cheese,” there is something in this book everyone can relate to. Although my mom is a spiritual being, she is very much a human as well. She says, “It’s simple. I’m learning to make my life livable.”  I highly recommend you give it a try. It will make you examine life in a playful, provocative way that you probably haven’t considered before. It is really more of an experience than it is a book.

The price may seem a little outrageous, but the book is full color and the length of a calculus 101 book. It is filled to the brim with questions, poems, art, wisdom and me. It is around the cost of a night out in Morgantown but it will last a lifetime. It’s worth the splurge.

My mom wrote this book because being human has never come easy to her, and she noticed that it didn’t come easy to me either. She further noticed that a lot of people struggle with the same thing. She wrote this book to help herself, me and you. A lot of people struggle, just in different ways. 

My mom’s joy and dedication to her writing inspired a similar trait in me at a very young age, when I began journaling and writing short stories of my own. So here I am, in college, writing about how my mom is writing a book. 

Edited by Kenzie Dye

Gracie is a Junior at WVU pursuing a degree in Advertising and Public Relations with minors in Sales, Medical Humanities and Health Studies, and Health Promotion. She hopes to become a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative and be active in the medical field. She is an avid lover of dogs, Netflix, and naps. She also enjoys driving around in her car playing music entirely too loud and dancing all while she's wasting her gas. She also loves meeting new people.