Meet Tim Crockett: Owner of Mainstage Morgantown

Located in the heart of downtown Morgantown, Mainstage Morgantown is a spot you definitely want to check out. Time Crockett, owner of Mainstage, opened the venue in August 2015 and has already hosted artists such as Waka Flocka Flame, Borgore, Marshall Tucker Band, and many more.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself

A: My name is Tim Crockett and I’m from San Antonio, TX. I help book and host concerts and events in WV, TX, CA and NY. 


Q: How did you start working in the music business?

A: I helped host several celebrity events and those events led to introductions in the music industry. 


Q: What made you want to open a music venue in Morgantown?

A: We looked at Morgantown for arena concerts originally and then realized it would be a great market for a mid-sized concert venue. 


Q: Tell me a little bit about Mainstage, and how have you seen it progress since it first opened

A: Since we opened in August of 2015 we've added many genres to our playlist. We've hosted legends like George Clinton & P-Funk twice, as well as up & coming breakout bands like Big Gigantic and Frienship. 


Q: Being located in a small college town, what are the struggles you face when trying to book big artists?

A: We can't just book for the students or the locals. We have to book for both audiences and listen to what our guests are requesting music wise. We listen to their suggestions and do homework to make sure the bands will have a strong enough appeal in Morgantown. 


Q: What are the biggest upcoming changes you have planned for Mainstage, and what should we expect in the future?

A: We're adding a kitchen and a great food menu. Everything will be affordable and shareable. We'll also be adding more lights to the stage. Our new Fall lineup will include a ton of artists that you would normally see at larger venues like Stage AE. We're going after larger artists but still keeping the tickets affordable. 


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