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Meet the Staff! Meg Workman

Name: Meg Ann Workman

Hometown: Hurricane, WV

Major: Public Relations with a minor in Women’s Studies

Position on HC team: Blogger and Section Editor of Campus Cutie and Photoblog

Fun Fact: I loathe milk, and my first love is thrifting and collecting things that most people would never think to buy.

Activities on Campus: Her Campus (of course) and PRSSA

Favorite Article: “Does it Matter if You’re Black or White?” because it was a topic close to my heart but also to that of others in interracial relationships. I think it’s important to have controversial topics brought to light on this website because there are so many women dealing with adverse situations in a college atmosphere. If we as writers can get at least one person to feel like they aren’t alone in a situation that isn’t “socially acceptable”, then we have done our job. Having someone tell you that they have been inspired by your writing is a really out-of-this-world feeling,” Meg said. Check it out: http://hercampus.com/school/wvu/does-it-really-matter-if-youre-black-or-…

Also, don’t forget to check out Meg’s new blog. It’s an awesome Do It Yourself Valentine’s Day Dinner idea. Here’s the link! http://www.hercampus.com/school/wvu/do-it-yourself-valentines-day-dinner…

Devin is a sophomore at West Virginia University, class of 2013. She was a direct-admit into the School of Journalism as a freshman, where she is now majoring in Public Relations with two minors in Political Science and Professional Writing & Editing. Devin started her journalism career in Fairmont, WV. In high school, she served as the Editor-in-Chief of the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 Maple Leaves Yearbook, which went on to receive a Silver Medal in the Columbia Scholastic Program of Achievement. She was a columnist for her local newspaper, The Times West Virginian, for two years. During her senior year in high school, Devin was a columnist for a national magazine, Gladys, where she went on to become the Public Relations Manager. At WVU, Devin is a member of Chi Omega Sorority. In her spare time, Devin enjoys drinking skinny vanilla lattes, watching Saturday Night Live (re-runs, of course, because she is never home on a Saturday night), and buying cocktail dresses. When she grows up, Devin wants to be a lawyer.
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