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Meet Kristina Kemp


This week, on the WVU campus, Kristina Kemp was sporting her everyday vintage style.  She is a sophomore, international studies major.  She is one that you will never see in the typical “norts” and t-shirt look.  Her style is always trendy and classic.  Kristina is well known to many on campus as she is from West Virginia originally.  Those who know her admire her style and those who meet her remember her remember her. 

Kristina went to a catholic high school where she was required to wear a uniform every day.  In conversation she said that her style was never really seen growing up, so college was her first chance to let it out.  Shortly after graduation she was already being noticed for her style and fashion sense.  Most of her shopping is done at places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army.  Of course, she does have expensive tastes just like everyone else, but she dresses herself well to achieve that style she wants. To many she is a trendsetter.  Her vintage look is perfect for any occasion and she wears it well.

My name is Kalea Gunderson, and I am a sophomore Broadcast Journalism major. I am from Charleston, WV, but I have found a second home in Morgantown, WV in the Alpha Phi sorority house. I am loving this year so far, and I am only expecting great things!
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