Meet Jessica Demboski; A savvy and hard working biology student at WVU

There are a lot of assumptions that come along with someone being a medical student or science major: all about school, an overachiever and never has time to have fun. Jessica Demboski proves all these conceptions wrong. She loves to travel, hang out with friends, go to concerts and is a lover of working out. We sat down with Demboski to talk about her life as a pre-medical student and what it’s really like to get through a STEM major.


HC: Introduce yourself!

My name is Jessica Demboski, I am from Boonton, New Jersey. I am a senior at WVU and my field of study is in biology, therefore I can go onto medical school after graduating with a Bachelor of Science.


HC: What made you choose to become a biology major?

I have always wanted to work as a medical professional since I could remember. I started off as a nursing major, and soon realized I wanted to further my education.

HC: What has been the biggest battle you have faced so far due to your major?

The biggest battle I face is time management. Being any college student, it is hard to juggle school work and fun. I used to be the biggest procrastinator, but now that I am further along in my studies, I’ve realized how important it is to get the work done early and on time.

 HC: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Ten years from now I see myself living on the East Coast, working in a well-known hospital as an obstetrician.

HC: Who have been your biggest influences throughout your studies?

My biggest influencers throughout my studies have been my cousin Katelyn, who is a nurse in the U.S Navy, and my uncle, who is a pediatric surgeon.

HC: When did you know that studying biology at West Virginia University was right for you?

I knew since the moment I toured the campus in high school that WVU felt like home. I looked more into the medical program and Ruby Memorial Hospital, which offers outstanding professionals to grow and learn from every day.

HC: There are always some misconceptions about what people in the medical field enjoy to do for fun. What are some of your hobbies?

I love working out and doing anything outdoors, like hiking and photography. I also just recently started to learn how to play guitar!

HC: What are some of the best experiences that have come out of studying biology?

Some of the best experiences have been being able to tour the Heart and Vascular Institute in Ruby. I also got to go on a retreat last year where different health professionals from all over West Virginia came and talked about what they do in their field of work. I learned about the healthcare in West Virginia compared to other states, medical coding and billing, and more that I never would’ve learned without being a WVU student.

HC: Why would you recommend majoring in a STEM field at West Virginia University?

I would recommend WVU medicine to someone if they were interested in pursuing a medical degree. The medical program here has been welcoming, influential and extremely informative. I learn something new every day and I find that is important as a medical major because there is so much to take in and so many different people to learn from.