Meet Jax Anderson: Frontwoman for Flint Eastwood

Jax Anderson, the confident frontwoman for the Detroit-based band Flint Eastwood, had the entire crowd in awe while opening for the band PVRIS in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 22, 2018. Anderson opened up about how she got her start in music, who she gets her inspiration from and what it’s like to tour with such an amazing group of musicians.


How did you get your start in music?

My dad is one of ten kids and all of them sing and play guitar. My parents actually met because my dad was a part of a traveling church choir. It’s just this thing that music has always been around. My brother was in a punk band, and when I grew up a little I would always go to his punk shows. I always thought it was so fascinating that he would be able to play in front of people and that people cared and listened. So, I started writing my own music and playing guitar and never really looked back from there.



Who do you look up to?

I’m a big fan of anyone who’s really confident with their art. Some people who really stand out to me are Patti Smith, M.I.A. and Janelle Monae. I just really like straight bosses.



Do you have any new music coming out in the future?

Yeah. I’m working on a record now and hopefully well have something by the end of the year.



What’s it like touring with a group of such strong females?

It’s really cool. PVRIS is absolutely amazing and Lyndsey (Frontwoman for PVRIS) is a total badass. She’s so good at performing, writing and is low key an amazing producer too. She’s just overall an amazing artist. It’s really cool to get to learn from them every day. A lot of times I’ll be on tours that are all dudes, and I think they’re great and I have nothing against them, but it’s nice to have that diversity.



What’s your favorite thing to do on tour when you’re not performing?

I am a big fan of coffee, so a lot of time I am looking for some really good coffee shops. We haven’t done much this tour because it has been winter, but I love going on hikes, trying to find gardens and parks and just doing anything outside. A lot of times you’re really confined to a bus or a venue so it’s nice to get out.





How has music given you a new view on being a strong individual?

For me, I was never taught that I was different for being a woman, and it wasn’t really until I started getting questions about how being a woman made me feel different that made me think about it. I think overall, I think I feel like me no matter what gender I identify as. I feel confident no matter what gender I identify as. I just feel like me all the time.



Do you get inspiration from anyone in the music industry?

Lyndsey is definitely an inspiration. I’m also really digging Sigrid, I’m pretty sure she’s from Norway. I’m also a big fan of any internal team. I’m fortunate enough to have most of my internal team be women. The business side of Flint Eastwood is very female-centric and that was something that I wanted to make essential when assembling my team. So really just any bosses like that.



How did you get the name Flint Eastwood?

We used to watch Spaghetti Western every Sunday. Flint Eastwood came as an offshoot to Clint Eastwood, so the name came as a homage to that.



You’re such a strong performer, where do you get that confidence from?  

Well thank you. I think that music has a certain way of affecting people and making them react in different ways. I think it’s just my way of reacting to music. I think it took a lot of time and a lot of being intentional to really allow myself to enjoy myself fully. I think that’s what confidence is, it’s allowing yourself to enjoy who you are. The confidence then just kind of follows.



What advice do you have for women who are trying to get involved in the music industry?

The biggest piece of advice that I can give is work your ass off and be nice to people. It’s not nearly as hard as you think it is. There are gaps everywhere in the music industry that need to be filled and if you just are intentional with one thing and go after it with everything you’ve got and don’t take no for an answer then it will work out.


You can catch Flint Eastwood on tour with PVRIS and Cherry Pools through March 15 and then on tour with Misterwives from April 25 through May 18.