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Meet David Howell: Advisor of the Martin Hall Agency

If you’re looking for your next favorite professor, look no further. David Howell has been a strategic communications professor in the Reed College of Media for two years, and his classes never disappoint. He has an unforgettable sense of humor, and he is launching a new class this spring called The Martin Hall Agency.


David worked as a creative director for a number of different advertising agencies in Chicago before he came to WVU to share what he learned during his time in the industry. Shortly after coming to WVU, David was asked to take over a social club in the Reed College of Media known as Martin Hall Agency (MHA).


Martin Hall Agency is a student group on campus that is guided by David which allows students to put together advertising and public relations campaigns for real businesses, such as Barnes and Noble, Mountain Line, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and many more.


“I know the industry, and I know you need experience to do anything in this business,” said David. He made the club more structured and has started to transform it into a great opportunity for students to get experience in their chosen fields before they even graduate.


If that isn’t great enough, members can now start receiving college credit for being a part of MHA. Starting this spring, David is launching The Martin Hall Agency Class through the Reed College of Media. The class will be a three-hour course offered every Tuesday, 6-9 p.m. in Martin Hall 201.


“This is a business of passion,” said David. “You pour your heart and soul into it, and what it gives back is the most memorable and exciting career you could imagine.” He hopes the class will help students find what ignites the fire in their soul and run with it.


Please contact David for more information: [email protected]




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