March Madness Girl Power Brackets

Ladies, let’s talk March Madness. No, not about the basketball but how we are absolutely killing it in the bracket shares.


I myself am doing the same thing the majority of the female gender is doing for the money, the bragging rights or the whatever.


So while my boyfriend, dad, and friends have spent countless hours formulating the best bracket, I proudly submitted mine to my ESPN group based off of the school colors or the mascot if I wasn’t in favor of either team’s school colors.



Now I’m definitely not speaking on behalf of the whole female gender. So shout out to my die hard girls out there that perfect their bracket by going through all the stats for the season. If I could understand what it all meant, then I would definitely be in your shoes.


I may not be in the #1 spot in my group for our picks, but I am holding the title of second. And that’s pretty damn impressive considering out of everyone I am the only one reppin’ the female gender.


To all the boys out there that feel personally offended when they see us dominating #sorrynotsorry. I like my way of filling out a bracket just as much as you like your way.


See ya in the Final Four.