Make all your rosé dreams come true at Rosé Mansion

Have you heard of a mansion that is dedicated to Rosé from all around the world?! Does this kind of place exist? Yes, it does! It is called the Rosé Wine Mansion and it is located in heart of New York City, right by Bryant Park and Times Square. This lovely mansion takes you all over the world. You can travel to Ancient Rome, take a quick stop to the Finger Lakes and have the ability to discover different kinds of wine by trying your very own wine blend. Not only is the wine phenomenal, but the experience itself is like no other—swing from a gold chandelier, sip wine on a pink beach and more before you end your journey at the largest Rosé wine bar!


The mansion, which opened in July, will be available until the beginning of October. Millennials are purchasing their tickets to learn about the history, science and economics of the wine. This two-story mansion offers a mesmerizing experience for all its consumers who love Rosé! You enter the Rosé Mansion by getting your very own wine glass to keep as a souvenir along the way. Throughout the mansion, you learn all the fun facts about wine. Did you know rosé is made from the same grapes red wine is made from? The more you know the more you can show!

When you think of wine, many of us think Europe or California BUT… you may not even realize that wine can even comes from the Empire State. It seems to be there’s more New York than NYC, like the Finger Lakes wine region where a ton of amazing wine is actually made. There are walls in the mansion that are based on the science of sweet, which goes in depth more about the science and taste perception and why we are sensitive to bitter flavors. This experiment is based on genetics and that’s the fun part! After walking half way through the experience, you realize most of the wines we love are a blend of different grapes or the same grape from different places. California serves a purpose in the mansion and it gives our guest an immersive experience at our own replicable Aphotic Secret Garden. After being in the garden and taking pictures in the bathtub, you can finally pull off your best Sia and SWING from the chandelier! This chandelier is the ultimate symbol of wealth and power. At this time, guests will be reaching their end point and enjoy the OG Rosé that is from France by sitting on the throne based off the throne in Versailles (that’s the French palace) to celebrate France making rosé relevant. The last stop at the mansion briefly shows where Romans gathered to talk about politics, culture, art and drank wine. In other words, they were LIVING! Basically, Romans were the first to culturally bring together food and wine in a social setting.

Rosé played a huge role in the wine culture that we know today, from dinner parties to pouring one out for your friends. You are in for a surprise when you enter the pink doors at the Rosé Mansion; they’re many different kinds of Instagram photo-ops, swings and many more.