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A Letter to the Strong Women in My Life

Dear Strong Women,

Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being there to help mold me with your guidance, love, support, and assurance. Your unwavering strength doesn’t go unnoticed, and the way you carry yourselves through the good and bad times that life throws at you is something I could only hope to handle with grace like you all do. Your impact on not only myself, but other people around you is profound and truly shapes the way I carry myself.

In my family, the strong women lead in the race of life. I’m pretty sure every women born in my family came into the world with confidence and an attitude that takes the mess of life and makes it their own. I was raised by a strong mother, who was raise by a strong mother, and I was raised by the other strong women in my life like my aunts, cousins, friends, and other women that have touched my life that continue to inspire me each day. I see the young girls in my family and know that because of the women that are surrounding them in their lives, they will only continue to grown stronger and rise up in a sometimes negative world. 

I see the strength you all posses and know that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I see you all and know that I’ve got people backing me up no matter where life takes me. When life goes low, we go high. When people tell us no, it is because of women like you that have showed me to stand up and say “yes I can”. I encourage all the women in my life to remain strong, remain confident, and remain bold. I know that because of the strong women like you in my life, I want to be a strong woman that others can look up to. 

Thank you.

I'm a freshman attending West Virginia University. I'm majoring in elementary education with a specialization in English. I'm so excited to see where my journey as a mountaineer takes me!
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