A Letter To The Guy Who Hurt My Best Friend

Hi guy who hurt my friend,

It's me… your girl's best friend, her day one girl and her ride or die. I've heard that you haven't been treating her with respect. I have a few words for you and I want you to read this carefully.

When you hurt her, it hurts me. When she cries about you, I am the shoulder she cries on. We take a trip to McDonalds and sit in the car venting about how disrespectful or rude your last text was. We talk about your drunken texts from the night before and discuss how much you take her for granted. You may be a little oblivious if you do not realize that I know everything and I want to make you realize what you are losing when you make her cry.

You are losing someone who wants the best for you. She wants to see you shine. When she is hurting, even if it is from you, she wants you. She wants to make it work because you make her feel like the sun. But, just as good as you make her feel, that is also the intensity of how bad you make her feel. When you are dancing at the bar with other girls, she is crying at home in bed. When your texts start to make no sense, she knows the tequila got the best of you and wonders where you will end up tonight. When you expect her to drop everything for you yet you can not even text her back, well that makes her the angriest of all.

You may not be officially dating. You may not have the concrete commitment. But, for God’s sake, do not treat her like a toy. You cannot expect someone to stay in your life if you treat her like the dirt you walk on. She would give anything to be in your arms, loving you with all her energy. But, instead, you want to live the college life, or what you believe is the genuine college life. You want to drink your nights away and experience random hookups. You want to be at happy hour every evening, downing pitchers of alcohol with your boys. You want the single life and the girl. Sweetheart, it doesn’t work that way.

You need to pick what you want. You need to value her. Your girl is my girl. She is my rock. She has been there for me through hell and back. She has been through hell and back in her own life. But, she deals with your miniscule problems. She acts like it is a big deal if you are upset about things that will not matter in a week. It is because she cares for you. And, if you cared for her, you would treat her with respect.

On that note, I hope you realize her worth. You don’t deserve her. But, she will never hate you, no matter how much you hurt her. Do not take advantage of that.

And remember… I find out everything. And I will make sure you know how much you messed up if you lose her.


Your girl’s best friend