Last Minute Christmas Shopping 101

It is always a rewarding feeling when we are able to check everything off of our holiday to-do lists early and skip all of the last-minute ‘holiday hassle.' To our own dismay, this rarely seems to happen between all of the other million-and-one things going on during this time. But with the proper last-minute organization and determination, along with A LOT of Christmas spirit, you can jingle your way through this crisis smoother than the ice embedded in the streets!

When you have gotten to this point in the holiday season, it is most important to try to stay as calm as possible in the midst of all of the mayhem you’ll most likely endure in the abyss of other last-minute holiday shoppers. Try making a list of all of the people you still need to shop for, but instead of writing exactly what you want to get them (assuming that since you put it off for this long, that you still do not know what you want to get for them), write down things they like, hobbies they have, and any other significant notes regarding each person on your list.

Using this method can make your holiday-season nerves easier to deal with once you finally arrive to the store. Rather than hastily searching everywhere trying to find exactly the gift you are looking for-- you can use this list as a guide to breeze through the stores with each individual personality in mind and hopefully spot something you think will suit someone on your list.

During this time, gift wrapping and boxing services are usually available at almost every store--and although it may or may not be an extra cost, be real with yourself: are you going to have enough time to wrap these gifts yourself—or would it be more beneficial in the long run for your schedule to pay a small amount more and get it all done now?

If you are only last-minute shopping for one or two people, then you can probably afford to hold off and do it yourself, but if its a lengthy list you are looking at, treat yourself and your holiday timeline. You only get one Christmas a year, so it’s better to spend it sippin’ on eggnog than stressed out covered in paper and tape at 2am on Christmas Eve.

Don’t forget that the most important part of the holiday season is spending time with your loved ones. So try to find times for shopping that won’t interfere with that time so that your family does not get annoyed by your lack of planning, and so that you don’t have to feel guilty about running out and doing something that you should not have to feel guilty about in the first place.

Happy last-minute hunting and happy holidays!